Be Aware of AIDS

Uttar Pradesh Welfare for People Living with HIV/AIDS Society (UPNPplus) is a community based, non-profit organization representing the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV).



This focuses on the models of care and support services to the PLHIV irrespective of age and gender, Link with Govt. Welfare Scheme, Education Support, Nutrition Support and Psychosocial support.


Core Component

All the activities of the Society are focused on a triangular approach covering the components of Advocacy, Network Building and Service Delivery. The triangle reflects the strong connectivity among these three components - each component can only be strengthened when the other 2 are strengthened.


Case Studies

My journey with ART

In year 1998 Mr. Ramesh Yadav (Change name) residence of Block Handia, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh was a youth with lot of dream in his eyes. He was recently married, days passed by one day an infotainment activity on HIV & AIDS was conducted at the village. The very next day enthusiastically he went to Kamala Nehru Hospital to get himself tested for HIV. Next day he went to collect the report & was diagnosed with HIV positive status. He was perfectly all right with symptoms of weakness. Counselor advised him some of the precautions and he went back.

By year 2005 his condition detoriated, he was admitted to local hospital.    The Doctors informed the family of poor chance of his survival and advised to take him home. 

One day his close relative came to DLN and shared the agony Mr. Ramesh is facing. The members of DLN including its founder member Mr. Naresh Yadav immediately went to his village. They met family members and conducted mainstreaming to take him to the ART centre at BHU.  The family agreed, he was diagnosed with the CD4 count of 38. Doctors immediately advised to initiate ART.

Till today Ramesh is on first line ART and is living a health life. He has made his life a mission to help out the PLHIV. Till today he is working for the cause, as a reward he is getting survival of PLHIVs at the remotest village of Allahabad District.  

LFU tracking – Mainstreaming

Pramila w/o Lt. Harilal Village Fathepur Tal, Mau was the whereabouts received in the LFU list of from ARTC. PD Mr. Ram Dulray & ORW Mr. Munna Yadav under Vihaan project was not clear with the location of village. After few local quarries they started the tracking.  After twenty five KM of travel they came to the one of the dead-end road. They enquired about the location of village from the local around. The village was still eight KM from here and one has to walk on foot. There was no other mode of communication was the answer. Both never gave up & started walking. They reached village in the late afternoon and enquired about Pramilla. To their surprise, nobody seemed interested to answer. Ultimately they went to village Pradhan, he reveled a pathetic story that she is a widow and her husband had died due to deadly disease and she is also infected with the same disease. Hence, her In-laws have sent her out of village, now that she is residing on a small hut in the outskirts of village.

Both went there and found Pramila, they enquired about her health she was not willing to tell anything. After much probe she brooked down and started crying. She revealed, soon after the death of her husband his whole family started blaming her to be cause of her husband death. They started torturing, stopped food and water & ultimately send her out of the village.  She really was in pathetic condition, even the water she had to drink was from Talab (Local Pool).

They went back to village Pradhan and shared how in human treatment she is getting. They conducted mainstreaming in discrimination related issues of local elites including Pradhan. They got convinced Pradhan, he himself ensured that very next day he will manage Pramila to reach to ART center.

Next day she came, she got her test conducted & received the ARTC services.  Till now Both Mr. Ramdularay & Mr. Munna yadav have conducted five visits to the village and managed to get sanctioned Indian Mark Hand Pump to Pramila. The mainstreaming process is still on……….          


I am Mr. Rohit kumar Yadav, District Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Since my child hood days I was lean & thin child of my parents. I use to spend more of my time in sick bed than to school or play ground. I could not even get much love & affection from my mother as she also spends much of her time at sick bed. I still remember she was lean and thin not able to walk. She was continuously on the set of medicine which never cured. I got almost same kind of luck what my mother had. Gradually her condition detoriated and was referred to hospital at Mumbai (Then called Bombay).

May father have ‘never give up attitude’ perhaps he loves her most. Soon he sold some of the portion of his land and took my mother to Mumbai, leaving me at the fate of my close relatives with a big packet of medicines. Each day of the month was bone shivering night mare to me. I spend my 14th birthday on year 2000 without my parents & nobody to wish me. They returned my mother was able to walk; she was also able to do some of her daily routine work. I use to see her from my bed. I knew she was recovering. After fifteen day I woke up early in the morning and found undergoing some luggage packing. My father looked at me and said “beta tum jag rahay ho” (are you awake) I simply nodded yes. He said “Hum log Maa kay Ilaz kay lia Bombay ja rahay han, thumahari dava rakh de hay, samy per khatay raihana” (I have kept you medicine, take it timely). Suddenly, tears rolled out from my eyes, I tried to stop, but failed. My mother also started weeping she said to my father “Bachua bhee tho bimar rahaty hai isay bhee sath latay chalia” (child is also sick please take him also). There was big silence, my father sat for a while closed his eyes, and suddenly he opened. I felt some sort of shine at his eyes. He said to my mother “Peelay walay bag may iskay saray kapday bher do” (Put his all clothes in the yellow bag” I smiled my mother quickly changed my clothes. An Auto came outside a voice came “saib tayari ho gaie jaldi chalo train samay per hai” (Is everything ready, train is on time).

Soon I found myself in the train with my parents. I had fruit juices on the way. After a long journey we reached Mumbai. Team of doctors conducted some test and prescribed some medicine twice a day.  “Medicine again” I was saddened, this time it was much bigger and was difficult to sallow. My father broke each tablet it into two pieces and helped me to sallow. We returned after one week time.

Within next fifteen days I and my mother condition improved. I also started feeling hungry, energetic, most awaited I started to walk on my own. Slowly I rejoined my school, got improvement in studies. I also started participating in the school sponsored light games.

After continuously one year period I & mother got completely cured. I often argued with her why to take medicine if we are fit. She never answered, but stressed me to take medicine regularly.  By year 2006 I was grown UP, my father informed “Ab dava laynay kay lia her mahina Mumbaie nahee jana padeyga, Ab yahee Varanasi may he mil jayage”.(Now you both need not to go to Mumbaie for medicine, you’ll get all your medicine hear at Varanasi). Hear at Varanasi, soon after my enrolment I was made understand by the counselor that I have been infected by HIV virus and I have been taking ART medicine. I knew lot about HIV virus but never knew that it is ‘I’ who is infected. I went home and shared with my mother, we both had burst of tears, weeping she told “Beta yeh hamar bhagya hai” (Child, it is our fate”) she continued “Aap hamaray bahadur bacchay ho aur jindigi say nahee harogay”(You are my strong & brave child I wish you will never get defeated by life).

My mom voice kept circulating in my mind; I could not sleep whole night. But, early morning I woke up fresh and made my mind that I am brave and strong son of my mother I will definitely prove myself.  That very day I Joined Jim; Started doing my muscle enduring exercise. It took sheer hard work for two consecutive years I was awarded the title “Strong Man of Aligarh”. Within next six month I won Poorvanchal body building championship. Yes I am strong and brave child of my mother because I was able to show my championship just before her death in 2012. 

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