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Uttar Pradesh Welfare for People Living with HIV/AIDS Society (UPNPplus) is a community based, non-profit organization representing the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV).



This focuses on the models of care and support services to the PLHIV irrespective of age and gender, Link with Govt. Welfare Scheme, Education Support, Nutrition Support and Psychosocial support.


Core Component

All the activities of the Society are focused on a triangular approach covering the components of Advocacy, Network Building and Service Delivery. The triangle reflects the strong connectivity among these three components - each component can only be strengthened when the other 2 are strengthened.




Global fund R4 RCC phase II

Title:   Scaling up Care, Support & Treatment Services for PLHIV

Goal:  To improve the survival and quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS



Overall Objective:

Strengthen care & support services and improve drug adherence


CSCs to serve as a comprehensive unit for treatment support, positive living and Strengthening the enabling environment for PLHIV


Uttar Pradesh Welfare for People Living with HIV/AIDS Society (UPNPplus) has been awarded the Phase II of the Global Fund Round 4 RCC grand, named ‘Vihaan’, Sanskrit word mean ‘dawn’s first light’. This programme is being implemented with a key objective to improve the survival and quality of life of PLHIV by established 26 Care & Support Center (CSCs) and 1 Help Desk (HD) in Uttar Pradesh State.


Brief introduction to Care and Support Centre (CSC)


Care and Support Centre is a national initiative to provide expanded and holistic care and support services for PLHIV. It symbolises a ray of hope in the lives of PLHIV. CSC expands access to essential services, supports treatment adherence, reduces stigma and discrimination, and improves the quality of life of PLHIV across India.


Objectives: Specific objectives of the programme include the following:


1.      Early linkages of PLHIV to care, support and treatment services: The CSC will support PLHIV in early linkage to care, support and treatment services.


2.      Improved treatment adherence and education for PLHIV: Adherence education and support can help the PLHIV sustain and manage their treatment regimes.


3.      Expanded positive prevention activities: Early testing and diagnosis will be encouraged through appropriate counselling and peer support. All who are tested will be supported to engage their sexual partners, family members and children toward testing.


4.      Improved social protection and wellbeing of PLHIV: The CSC will facilitate linkage to the existing social welfare and protection schemes under different line departments, corporate sector, public sector undertakings, faith based organizations, and civil society organizations.


5.      Strengthened community systems and reduced stigma and discrimination: To ensure a robust system that supports the program goal and ensures stigma and discrimination free access to quality services.


To meet the above objectives, 26 CSCs established in Uttar Pradesh and these districts are Allahabad, Agra, Aligarh, Azamgarh, Deoria, Ghazipur, Gorakhpur, Jaunpur, Kanpur, Kushinagar, Lucknow, Meerut, Pratapgarh, Siddarthnagar, Varanasi, Varanasi-2, Lucknow-2, Jhansi, Faizabad, Etawah, Mau, Raibareilly, Bareilly, Gonda, Basti and Ballia. Each CSC will undertake a series of activities such as providing counseling, treatment education, and linking the clients to various health and non-health services. These activities measured through specific indicators which are described in the chapter on supervision, monitoring and evaluation.


Strengthen PLHIV Capacity training programme in 32 districts

UPNPplus has been implementing capacity building programme for PLHIV in 32 districts in IInd phase with support of UPSACS. To till date, UPNPplus has been conducted this programme in 12 districts.

Significant achievements in the areas of Strengthen DLNs training programme include the following:


In first phase of the positive living and zero stigma programme, UPNPplus was assigned the responsibility of organizing One Day positive living and zero stigma programme at 28 high prevalence districts of Uttar Pradesh. At each district 50 PLHIVs and family members are to be trained and orient on Positive living & Zero Stigma on HIV/AIDS. Overall total 1476 number of peoples were trained during first phase of programme in 28 districts of Uttar Pradesh.


Following programme has been successfully conducted with support of UPSACS:

1.      Conducted successfully HIV and AIDS Awareness campaign during Kumbh/Ardh Kumbh/Magh Mela at Allahabad

2.      UPNPplus done Positive Speaking, Motivate for HIV test, Crowed Management in Red Ribbon Express-I, II & III phase and covered 22 districts

3.      UPNPplus has done positive speaking in SIFA programme in 5 districts

4.      Successfully implemented drop-in-centre programme in 8 districts of U.P.

5.      Support and monitor to Gram Shabha programme





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