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Case Studies

Allahabad – Fruit Full Effort

I meet to Counsellor during PPTCTC center visit, she informed to me that a client admitted at Gynaecological department of SRN Hospital, Allahabad. On my observation and interaction with the client Ms. Kalawati (Changed name) it was found that she had serious gynaecological problem. She was also very week and was not accompanied with any care taker. 

Soon after I met doctor and enquired doctor about her health status. I was informed that she had delivered a still born child and presently her Haemoglobin falls at 3.3. She was also suffering from heavy blood discharged and urgently she required 2 unit’s blood for continued treatment.

I immediately briefed our ANP+ organization of the prevailing situation. The staff of ANP+ I met her family members for immediate blood donation but they refused. I shared the issue with the concern Medical Officer (M.O.) and requested him for the arrangement of required blood unit.  My request succeeded, M.O. communicated PRO over telephone regarding blood arrangement and briefed about HIV+ status of the patient, PRO immediately took the measure and himself brought the required unit of blood and assured that if the requirement increases he will supply at least one unit again without costing.

Mean while the staff of ANP+ continued their effort in mobilising the family member of Ms. Kalawati and motivated them for the donation on another one unit of blood.  At this time

Now, that Ms. Kalawati has recovered and is living a healthy life.

Gorakhpur - Stigma Discrimination & Livelihood

During the House Hold (Outreach) visit by the ORW Mr. Prasidya Narayan a client name Smt. Sangeeta Sharma (Name Changed) was met.  It was found that Mr. Hari Sharma (name changed) husband of Smt Sangeeta was severely sick. During the interaction it was found that Mr. Hari Sharma was bed ridden since last two months. The family members including the community had also kept distance since long. Smt. Sangeeta also informed that since her husband is bed ridden his job has also gone. The condition of both was very pathetic as all the means to sustain themselves seemed to be at distance.

Without wasting the time ORW succeeded in arrangement of ambulance and got Mr. Hari Sharma admitted to Medical Collage emergency ward. The best possible treatment could not survived Mr. Hari Sharma.

During next follow up visit ORW came to understand that her husband was working at a prestigious firm at Ahmadabad and he also had some deposits in the firm. He informed CHC PC about the situation. The communication was initiated with the firm. Later on the firm agreed to pay all of the deposits and also gave job opportunity to Smt. Sangeeta . In mean time the efforts of CSC also managed to have her registration for Widow Pension.  Now Smt. Sangeeta is a happy women and continuing with her ART on regular basis.

Deoria - Stigma Discrimination

Fatima Ansari (Change name) was a happily married women  with her husband and two children’s. After her marriage she was living happily with her family. Her Husband’s was a businessman and life was passing by very smoothly. After some time her husband become ill. He got treatment from private hospital but he has no relief and then he died. After her husband death she was diagnosed of her HIV positive status. her family members and neighbors started discrimination with her and her children’s, because both are HIV Positive. Her in laws do not want to see her alive. They wish she died early. and they want to occupy her property . When she came to take medicine at Deoria ART Canter then their she met a DNP+ staff. They brought her to the DNP+ office and we counseled her .After counseling I feel much better. They assured me that in future they give me all sorts of help and support for better life.

People like Fatima Ansari are the example for the people who are with HIV/AIDS that how they can have also a beautiful life to look forward.

Kushinagar - Sabeer Ahamad

Mr.Sabeer Ahamad (Change name) is residing at  Takuhiraj a small town in  Kushinagar District (Uttar Pradesh). He is 34 years and has marginal income to support him and his family.

Previously, in the year of 1998 he was working as tailor at garment industry in Delhi. He was hard working and thus had better earning. After some time he applied for Visa for United Arab Emirat. During the medical checkups he was found HIV Positive. Both His Mother & Father hide the report and informed his son that he is suffering from cancer and they themselves applied for Visa and went to Saudi Arabia.

Gradually, His health deteriorated and could not continue with his textile export company at Delhi. After some day he became very serious and Doctor suggested him to return to the home district hospital and meet the HIV/AIDS Positive Network. He arrived at Kushinagar and met network member. He was provided with appropriate knowledge on HIV&AIDS and with focus that it is not dangerous. People living with HIV is live a like normal person life. He is now linked to ARTC at district hospital Kushinagar and now he is healthy and happy.

Azamgarh – Counsellor healthy intervening

During a counseling session a WPLHIV informed that she is taking of ART since one year and now she is also continuing the treatment of Baba Ramdev. She was ensured by them that soon she will have negative status against HIV. She also informed that soon she will be able to marry a HIV negative Man.

Counsellor immediately counseled her on ART adherence and impact and stressed need to share her status with her would be husband before her marriage. She later on agreed and went back haply.